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So looking forward to this! Glad you're doing okay, hopefully that remains to be so. Waiting patiently for the next installment of this awesome series with the rest of the eager fans.

Never thought I'd see the day someone animate Mr.Popo and Jinx together O_e

Fun Memories :D Always did wonder why the penguin didn't stay with mommy when I saved him the first time... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That ending :D

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This SIM was both very good and entertaining. Though there are a lot of room for improvements for entertainment and mechanics.


Fun, colorful, and diverse characters

Various types of interactions depending on your 'heart' status with the characters

Different Endings long as you look for them.

Very Simple to grasp and understand that you don't need a long tutorial to get into the dating sim and characters, though is works against it too and I'll explain into more in a moment.

Stuff that could be made better:

Due to simplicity (which is good for base), there is a need or wanting for more from all the characters and not just the main four. This works against it with the hopes of finding events while juggling the studies and keeping up troupe goals like Harem Endings and such.

Characters - Because you may or may not get into the character quickly, there is a somewhat need to hit events for such characters or extend the events they already triggered. Like say one of the girls ask you out to the cafeteria. Extend the event a little more. Or if your using the eat button and you somehow trigger an event due to hitting a few points with another girl. I notice some of the girls supposedly give you chocolates or homemade food... I would like to see some interaction with that if possible in future games.

Health mechanics - there must be a way to improve 'stamina' that you can really get the must out of your health and such. As it seems that a single does not fully restore your health. So you're in a slight bind to micro-manage your stamina bar, studies, and wooing the girls around you.

Money gains - I understand that you're not expected to make it rich, that's fine, but I think the constant need to manage your funds with between eating to keep your health up and gaining enough to gift the girl or girls you like is a bit tough.

Keeping Track - The only way I knew I was doing okay with studies was constantly talking to the vampire teacher. Which is a decent and interesting way to know where your 'knowledge' level stands but it does get repetitive and at times you really don't feel the progression.

Skipping Conversations - This maybe a bug, but I notice there was a skip option but the option didn't last long on the screen and it is also not that very noticeable. It would be nice to have a skip option available all the time, even if it means we accidentally press it and miss out on new content.

Gallery or Achievement Collection - Maybe something to keep score of our achievements, maybe stats, the endings we get, and other miscellaneous stuff as we progress through our school life. It is nice to keep record of these things.

Length - I think one month time in game was too short, but that is just my thoughts on it.

Game was a fun time killer and definitely been replaying it a lot. I look forward to your future games and I hope this review of mine is helpful to you and not made me sound overly critical. I always want to see the things I like become more better than before.


Excellent game, took me a few tries to figure out what was going on. Though yeah only gimp I have is the need of a restart button. The game tests your patience which a lot of players don't have. Took awhile for me, though yeah still manage to hit some people by accident and really wish for the restart button. Game has quite a lot of potential and hope to see something more like it in the near future from you. :)

I like it... cept seems my terrible luck is killing me... 3 days straight at the start of my third round in a row... ran into super zombies that took out all my ammo =/ Tried helping some npc but they attacked me too... now I'm resorting to killing most of them on sight now. Really good and only real gripe I give is not being able to create your character. :)

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Good intro and vocal here! Definitely gives that vibe of an upcoming challenge or event feel that gets the blood pumping with excitement to see what is coming over the horizon!

Bosa responds:

Thank you!

Hmmmm as a fan I don't think this was one of your better pieces of song work. The ones like Alice is Dead and Redlight City still give that impact and tasteful flow. This one was a bit choppy, though probably mostly from me used to hearing most of the DBZ songs as both fast pace and rocking style in a rap way.

Vocalizing wise, it doesn't seem to flow to well and was heavily relied on the really good music in the back. Maybe increase the pace of your vocals on "Rock the Dragon Ball Z" because it sounded way to relax and considering how intense DBZ tends to get, it was another minus.

Still I love the vocal and music separately, but they don't mesh well together in my honest opinion. So 3.5/5 and also welcome back to Newgrounds!

The old memories...

Are coming back... man was I afraid of going up that mountain... especially the first time I climbed that mountain and when I fought Seymour again for the second there up there... Still gives me the chills of fear from high places.

On the side note, the song itself gives me a sense of encouragement to continue onward. That only going up is the path we must strive for.

Awesome work here and I wish it got more recognition!

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Excellent... though for some reason... Why do I think Charizard is about to roast Empoleon's crouch with his tail? Also are they suppose to represent Gym Leaders of another realm? Just guessing here due to eight of them standing there in regal outfits. Plus Mewtwo is an instant win :)

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